5 More Turkish Words And Phrases That Simply Have No Translation

You’ve learned what Gönül, Elinize sağlık, Yakamoz, Hüzün, Kolay gelsin, Buyurun all mean already, but as we already mentioned, the beauty of the Turkish language is practically endless! There are so many different words and phrases that are truly beautiful expressions that don’t really have a counterpart in other languages. So here we go, even MORE amazing Turkish words and phrases!

Abla, Abi, Teyze, Amca

These words literally mean “Big Sister,” “Big Brother,” “Aunt” and “Uncle” respectively. But as much as they do refer to the literal family member, they also are honorifics for strangers or anyone who is older than you. Your friend who is slightly older than you is an abla or abi. If they’re a generation older than you? They might be an Amca or Teyze. This is part of the social atmosphere of Turkey, in which everyone is immediately welcomed “into the family.”

Geçmiş Olsun

This is used particularly after someone is sick, and often gets translated as “Get well soon.” But it really means “may it pass,” referring to whatever is ailing you at the time. Are you pissed off because your favorite sweater got a stain on it? Well geçmiş olsun, abi!